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how this rwandan-company is bringing-healthy returns from cassava farming

CNBC Africa spoke with Christian Mbabazi, the Managing Director of Kinazi Cassava Plant Ltd about the company’s earnings in the first quarter of 2020, which saw the net profit of the plant increase by 150 percent and revenue growth reach 61 percent. Here’s the conversation on that as well as an overview of investments in […]

How Kinazi Cassava Plant recovered from Rwf600m loss

In November 2019, Kinazi Cassava Plant underwent an overhaul following years of challenges that had plunged the plant into a Rwf600m loss that threatened its continued operation. Besides challenges in management, the plant had been grappling with machinery issues for years that resulted in a decline in production and a colossal financial loss early in 2019. To […]

Inyungu ya Kinazi Cassava Plant yiyongereyeho 150% mu gihembwe cya mbere cya 2020

Uruganda rutunganya ifu y’imyumbati, Kinazi Cassava Plant, rwatangaje ko rwungutse miliyoni 84.5 Frw mu gihembwe cya mbere cya 2020, bingana n’izamuka rya 150%, kubera ko mu gihe nk’icyo mu 2019 rwari rwahombye miliyoni 160 Frw. Umwaka wa 2019 wasize Kinazi Cassava Plant ifite ibihombo by’arenga miliyoni 670 Frw byaturutse ku bibazo birimo imikorere mibi n’imicungire […]

Kinazi factory warns customers against bad quality cassava flour

Kinazi Cassava Plant Limited(KCP Ltd), a cassava processing company has announced that though they ensure production of the highest quality product of international standards, their customers need to be more careful in their purchasing to avoid fraud or low quality products. As the world was celebrating the World Food Safety Day, under the theme “Food […]

Uruganda rwa Kinazi ngo nta ngaruka rwagizweho na COVID-19

Ubuyobozi bw’uruganda rwa Kinazi (Kinazi Cassava Plant) butangaza ko imirimo igenda neza nubwo hari gahunda ya Guma mu rugo kubera kwirinda COVID-19, kuko abahinzi bakomeje guhinga kandi ko umusaruro wabo ugera ku ruganda nk’uko bisanzwe. Uruganda rwa Kinazi rwizeye kutazabura imyumbati rusya Mu kiganiro umuyobozi w’urwo ruganda ruherereye mu Karere ka Ruhango, Mbabazi Christian, yagiranye […]

Rwanda’s Kinazi Cassava Plant Targets Three Key U.S. Markets

Kinazi Cassava Plant – a local processing factory has announced plans to target a market in three key U.S. States; California, Colorado and Oregon as it hunts big consumers. The announcement comes after the $10 million plant secured renewed licence from the U.S. Food and Drugs Administration early this month. The plant has been enjoying […]

KINAZI CASSAVA PLANT, igisubizo ku baturage no ku misoro yubaka igihugu

Ishingwa ry’Uruganda rw’imyumbati rwa Kinazi (KINAZI CASSAVA PLANT) ryabaye igisubizo ku baturage baburaga isoko bagurishirizamo imyumbati, riba kandi n’igisubizo mu ruhare rw’ishoramari mu kongera imisoro yinjira mu gihugu, igira uruhare mu iterambere ry’u Rwanda. Ifu y’Uruganda rw’imyumbati rwa Kinazi imaze kuba ubukombe mu Rwanda no mu mahanga Uruganda KCP/KINAZI CASSAVA PLANT ruherereye mu Murenge wa […]

Kinazi Cassava Plant transforming cassava farming in the country

At close to 31km off the main road in Ruhango district, Kinazi sector, an area widely known for its cassava production harbours the Kinazi Cassava Plant (KCP) Kinazi Cassava Plant was inaugurated in April of 2012 by H.E Paul Kagame, the second plant of its kind on the African continent after another one in Kumasi, […]

Kinazi cassava factory to double exports

Ruhango District-based Kinazi Cassava plant plans to double  its flour exports from 658 tonnes, its General Manager, Emile Nsanzabaganwa, has said—pegging the firm’s optimism on the recently renewed certificate of registration by the United States Food and Drug Administration (US FDA). Nsanzabaganwa told The New Times that the development means that Kinazi’s cassava flour products are recognised by […]