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Kinazi Cassava flour is fine cassava flour processed from fresh cassava tubers grown in Rwanda through the wet milling process. The wet milling process consists of peeling, washing, chopping, rasping/grating, fermentation, pressing/de-watering, sieving, drying and packaging.


1 Kg Kinazi Cassava Flour

This is the lowest single package we provide. It can be used for one or two meals depending on the number of people in the household. Obviously, this is the most affordable package we offer, and it is recommended for those who want to try our product and taste the difference.

2 Kg Kinazi Cassava Flour

This is the ideal package to cook Ugali for a small gathering of friends and families who love it. It is not too little nor too much. It would allow everyone to have a bite of their favorite and satisfy their appetite as they enjoy each other’s company.

10 Kg Kinazi Cassava Flour

The medium package of our product. It can be bought as a gift to a small family friend when you visit them, and they would even more grateful for the gesture. It could be used to serve meals for many days.

25 Kg Kinazi Cassava Flour

This is the perfect package for a big family with regular visitors that love Ugali. It would help the family avoid shopping for cassava flour every week since it could be used to serve multiple meals over a month.