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Kigali-Rwanda KN 2 Avenue, CHIC Building Monday - Saturday 8:00AM — 6:00PM +250 724 797 703 / +250 255 120 081 [email protected]



1. What products do you produce and sell?

We currently produce and sell “fine cassava flour”; a cassava flour of the highest quality

2. Is your cassava flour organic?

YES. Kinazi Cassava Flour is purely Organic

3. Is your cassava flour gluten free?

YES. Kinazi Cassava Four is gluten free

4. Is KCP Ltd or your product certified?

YES. we are HACCAP, SMARK and US FDA Certified

5. Do you produce and sell starch?

No, we do not sell starch, however our fine cassava flour contains between 70% to 80% of starch

6. Can I buy your products online?

Yes, either directly through our own e-shop or indirectly with other online shops.

7. Do you sell outside Rwanda?

Yes, we export our product all around the World

8. How will the be transported to a foreign destination?

Depending on the client’s ordered quantities, the products will be shipped through containers or by air through Air Cargo.

9. Do you receive foreign currencies?

Yes, we receive payments in USD, EURO and Rwandan Francs

10. Do you have representatives in the US, UK or Canada

Currently, we do not have confirmed representatives. However, we sell to individuals based in those countries and our product can reach you as well.

11. How can I buy your product?

If you are based outside Rwanda, you can contact us directly on [email protected]

If based in Rwanda, feel free to call directly our distributor on +250 788305054

12. Where can we find your shops?

We normally sell through Distributors, however, our shop located at the Nyarugengye City Market, Shop number B3-07 sells directly to individuals and other small distributors

13. Can I negotiate flexible prices and payment terms?

Yes, depending on your order quantities, you could be offered discounts and flexible payment terms

14. How many farmers do you work with?

We work directly with big individual farmers and cooperatives. In total, we receive supply from close to 2,000 farmers who depend on the operations of KCP Ltd.