Kinazi Cassava Plant

    Ruhango District,
    Kinazi Road


    +250 724 797 703


    High quality product

    KCP Ltd produces cassava flour of the highest quality on international standards. Its uniqueness makes it an industry leader in the region and beyond. Market KCP Ltd currently serves both the local and export market. More than half of the yearly production is exported to Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, etc.

    hence increasing foreign exchange earnings. Improving farmers’ Income and livelihoods KCP Ltd empowers farmers by buying their produce (fresh cassava roots produced by farmers) at a price higher than what the market offers. Before the existence of KCP Ltd, the farmers had nowhere to sell their harvests at a modest price. Close to 2,000 farmers work directly and indirectly, through cooperatives with KCP Ltd. 

    Thanks to contracts between KCP Ltd and Cooperatives/Farmers, the latter can easily obtain loans and other services from banks and other financial services including insurance products. KCP Ltd is actively involved in linking multipliers of cassava seeds with farmers in different provinces. Those called multipliers earn a lot more by selling cassava cuttings.

    Provision of employment

    To date the company employs a big number of permanent employees. Their employment with KCP Ltd comes with income and other benefits financially empowering them and their families. More than 300 people are employed by the company as casual workers. 90% of them are close neighbours of the Plant, making easy for the Plant to make a significant impact around its surroundings.

    Rural development

    Since the establishment of the factory, water and electricity were also extended to nearby local villages. The villages have also benefited from the roads which were repaired and hence easing transportation of people and goods. Due to the above-mentioned development, the value of the infrastructure in the area appreciated thus increasing villager’s income since some of the houses are being rented by factory employees