Research and Development

Together with Rwanda Agricultural Board (RAB) we advise the cassava farmers on when to plant,different varieties to plant, how to follow up and how to harvest.
Further research is always carried out by Rwanda Agriculture Board(RAB) to find the cassava species resistant to the harsh environment and diseases in the region to significantly increase the yield per hectare

KCP was established to among other deliverables to create, produce and promote Rwanda’s economy to develop into productive high value and market oriented agriculture with a major focus on cassava processing

The good working relationship between KCP and RAB agronomists is intended to help the farmers in region to exploit all the potential their input land can bear.This in turn will increase their productivity and profitability in addition to the already provided market.

Starch production extension
KCP is aggressively working on the introduction of new products to give more options to our consumers. We are soon adding   CASSAVA STARCH,”ISOMBE”,BISCUITS and PASTA to our range of products.