KCP has a comprehensive system from which raw materials are procured. This is important to preserve the quality of the cassava tubers, prevent contamination and to ensure that the farmer does not incur after harvest expenses.  This system can be divided into the following steps:

  • Mobilization of cassava farmers
  • Surveying
  • Harvesting
  • Purchase
  • Transportation


Mobilization of cassava farmers:

This is initiated when the agronomists’ team visits villages to sensitize the famers how fresh cassava tubers are procured priced, harvested, and payment process. The farmers with cassava ready for harvest are identified. This is done with the help of local authorities who facilitate the process by inviting the cassava growers’ cooperatives, associations and individual farmers. The identified farmers are then given appointments for field visits (Survey)

 Raw Material Source

Cassava tubers are the raw materials used by the plant to produce cassava flour and is acquired by means of purchase from the local farmers across the country, but especially in districts Ruhango, Muhanga, Nyanza, Kamonyi, Gisagara and Bugesera.