Commitment to Sustainable Farming Practices
We believe in and we are committed to increasing farmer produce(Yield) capacity to boost their domestic income. Together with our development partners we provide basic knowledge, ideas and advice to the farmers on how they can increase their land production.

Commitment to Quality
We value our consumers and its for that reason that the whole team at KCP Ltd is Committed through their respective departments to produce,process and distribute high quality cassava flour.This offers a unique and outstanding taste surpassing common expectations.

Providing employment to the local community
Alongside our permanent staff, we employ more than 300 casual workers at the factory on a daily basis all of whom are from the immediate neighborhood of the factory. In addition, the factory pays an extra 5Frw per kilogram in the cassava harvest process. This in turn helps the farm laborers to earn an extra income during that process!

Commitment to abide by the company decisions, objectives and mission in order to meet expectations of our investors, our clients and the local community.

Team Work
At KCP Ltd we value each and every employee. This has been very instrumental creating a very solid team that is well interlinked and focused on achieving our short and long term objectives.