High quality cassava flour from Rwanda has won global market appreciation as the product is examined and authorized by standards agencies in the United States, Europe and Australia before reaching out to the markets.

The flour has been on the market in the USA for two years now but new markets in Europe, Australia, Central and Western Africa have recently been penetrated.

From January 2017, 80 metric tons of flour have been exported but the increasing demand will see more 150 tons exported by next month (June), according to Emile Nsanzabaganwa, the General Manager of Kinazi Cassava Plant (KCP).

Speaking to IGIHE on Monday, Nsanzabaganwa said KCP aims to constitute a big part of the country’s exports and huge contribution to Made-in-Rwanda strategy to reduce trade deficit.

“We have got a big foreign market which is on a fast expansion. Our product has a good presence in USA where we want to reach all states by next month to avail our products to all customers. Our flour is sold in shops and online via the website of Rwandan young entrepreneur Keila Gasabwa,” he said.

Gasabwa lives in the USA and owns a website www.madeinrw.com that sells Made-in-Rwanda products and has so far sold 21 tons including 20 tons of KCP’s flour.

“Good enough, our products are recommended at all those foreign markets, being authorized by U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) after meeting international standards. Australia’s Department of Quarantine and Food also certifies our products before getting to the market,” said Nsanzabaganwa.

He added that Agence Fédérale de la Sécurité Alimentaire, based in Belgium, also examines and authorizes KCP’s flour before being sold at the European markets and end users speak well of the product.

“All the three organs in three continents are internationally renowned and so reliable for examining foods that their certification earns us much trust from customers worldwide and encourages us to expand exports.”

Nsanzabaganwa appreciates the government’s Exports Growth Fund and Rwanda’s Diaspora for the role in promoting products made in Rwanda at the foreign markets.

KCP has the capacity to process 120 metric tons to produce between 20 and 30 metric tons of flour daily. Its bigger part of the production has been going to local market but the firm aims to sell more abroad than locally.

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Kinazi Cassava Plant’s milling machines
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Kinazi Cassava milling factory has the capacity to process 120 metric tons of raw cassava per day
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Kinazi flour sacks
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KCP buildings in Muhanga District