The major product of Kinazi Cassava Plant (KCP) is quality Cassava flour which is processed from freshly harvested cassava tubers. The fresh cassava tubers go through a series of processes after which it is turned into the fine flour.

Product quality
We boast the capacity to provide quality product as it is denoted by WHO. World Health Organization (WHO) as a regulating body established a number of guidelines foods standards regarding food obtained from food processing companies/factories which were further described as the WHO-CODEX

Specific Product quality:

  •  Less than 13% moisture content
  •  Less than 10mg/KG of Hydrocyanic content
  •  NO impurities or insects
  •  No Pesticide residues
  •  Acceptable mycotoxins content
  •  Excellent hygiene in production and after production handling


Nutritional quality information
Proteins: 1.4%,
Starch: 73%,
Fat: 1.2%,
Fiber: 2.7%. If
Cyanide: 0.2ppm/1kg,
Total Aflatoxins: 2ppb/1kg.

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