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We are an integrated company covering all aspects of the Cassava value chain, from developing farmer capacity to packaging our flour to the comfort of all our trading partners

dsc_0210_optThe major product of Kinazi Cassava Plant (KCP) is quality Cassava flour which is processed from freshly harvested cassava tubers. The fresh cassava tubers go through a series of processes after which it is turned into the fine flour.

Product quality

We boast of the capacity to provide a quality product as it is denoted by WHO. World Health Organization (WHO) as a regulating body established a number of guidelines  as food standards regarding food obtained from food processing companies/factories which were further described as the WHO-CODEX ALIMENTARIUS.

Commitment to Sustainable Farming Practices
Paying fair price for the cassava produce is not enough. We believe in increasing farmer produce capacity so as to produce more and earn more. We provide basic knowledge, ideas and advice to the farmers on how they can increase their land production. We go beyond to provide the farmers’ laborers an extra fee for harvesting.


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