Background of the project

The factory that was commissioned on the 16th April 2012 was conceived by the government of Rwanda as a way of adding value to the large and growing cassava production in the country.

Kinazi Cassava Plant LTD is a modern/ highly automated cassava milling factory boasting of the highest technology cassava milling,processing and distributing of high quality flour within Rwanda, neighboring countries and the EU and USA Markets.

Objectives of the Company

We are an integrated company covering all aspects of the Cassava value chain, from developing farmer capacity to packaging our flour to the comfort of all our trading partners

Factory Location

Our factory is located in Kinazi Sector, Ruhango district in the Southern province approximately 85 Kilometers from Kigali City. The location of the factory was mainly influenced by both the high concentration of Cassava farmers in the neighboring districts of Muhanga, Kamonyi, Gisagara and Nyanza as well as the availability of enough water in the nearby Akanyaru swamp, which is a prerequisite for any Cassava processing factory.


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