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Kinazi Cassava flour is fine cassava flour processed from fresh cassava tubers grown in Rwanda through the wet milling process. The wet milling process consists of peeling, washing, chopping, rasping/grating, fermentation, pressing/de-watering, sieving, drying and packaging.
End Product Characterisation and Intended Use
The product is a low risk product (Below 12 % MC, low fat content and low protein) It is hygroscopic as it can easily absorb moisture if not kept properly in cool and dry environment. The below are characteristics of the finished product :

1. Product Name : Fine Cassava flour
2. Ingredients : Cassava tubers,
3. Important Product Characteristics  : Gluten free, Starch : 70-82%, MC :11.5 – 12.0%, Fibers : 2.3%, fat :1.2%, protein 1.4%, total ash 1.3% ; (dry basis)
4. Preservation Method : Package sealed and stored under cool, dry conditions
5. Packaging including Secondary : *Primary : paper bag, *secondary : polypropylene bags/Boxes
6. Shelf life : 2 years at room temperature
7. Where it will be sold : Wholesalers and retailers
8. Labeling instructions : Name of the product, Manufacturing date, expiry date, batch number, human food, storage condition, nutrition content , how to prepare, quantity, name and address of the company
9. How it is to be used : Cook before eating as per instruction on the label
10. Storage conditions : Cool dry place
11. Who will consume : Adults
12. Scope of Hazards : Biological : E. Coli, Salmonella,
Chemical : Hydrogen Cyanide (HCN)
Physical : Glass, metals, stones, wood
13. Applicable Statutory regulation : Cassava flour-Specification : RS EAS 740:2010 ; RS 184-2017 : Food Safety System based on Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) ; RS CAC/RCP-1-1969 Rev.4 : 2003 : Code of practice-general principles of food hygiene.